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What we do Aidicall Assistance has all the specific means to face all types of assistances

Medical Assistance

Aidicall Assistance has all the specific means to face all types of assistances. Aidicall Assistance reacts very fast on these specific medical issues :

    • Sending a doctor to your location,
    • Dental care,
    • X-ray and laboratory examinations,
    • Hospitalizations. Emergency medical opinions,
    • Covering of medical costs etc...
Extra services to travelers (in any part of the world) :
    • When necessary, repatriation with medical attendance and all the needed care,
    • Whether it be in a regular flights or a special sanitary transportation vehicle (when necessary),
    • Transportation to any part of the world at competitive prices,
    • Medical escort of intensive care specialists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, etc...
    • Means of intensive care, medical and bio-medical products, etc...
Aidicall Assistance takes care of all types of emergencies for its clients: Medical assistance, Technical maintenance, Legal aid, Practical advice.
As well as :
    • Medical advice by phone, via the Internet
    • Home-delivery of medications (in France only),
    • Transportation to any part of the world at competitive prices,
    • Emergency transportation,
    • Domiciliary care (nurses, physiotherapist, housemaid etc).
Secondary medical advice:
    • Medical appointments with medical specialists, clinics, and hospitals when necessary their covering,
    • Covering of hospitalization and surgery fees (when needed),
    • These services are currently available in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Israel.
Aidicall Assistance has the necessary resources for all types of medical assistance. Aidicall Assistance provides emergency assistance in the following cases:
    • Domiciliary care. Control medical visit. Contact immediately a reliable insurance company,
    • Medical specialists’ opinions,
    • Dental care,
    • Laboratory and X-ray examinations,
    • Medical specialists’ opinions,
    • Hospitalizations. Emergency medical opinions,
    • Covering of medical costs, etc…

Technical Assistance

Technical support of personal vehicles in France (soon trucks, too).
Arrange repairs and/or towing and covering of the induced costs
Vehicle repatriation
Transportation of car owners and passengers
Covering of emergency hotel stay
Change vehicle and covering of the costs
Search for stolen vehicle (administrative actions: appeal to police etc)

Legal assistance

Our team include legal exerts and lawyers who are here to clearly answer ALL legal questions.

All answers are private and we do the best to give the best legal advices there is.

Your in France or anywhere in the world, our team of experts are here to assist you with simple or complex legal problems in your best interests:

    • Administrative procedures,
    • Visas,
    • Loss of documents, passports, ID's, etc...,
    • Other admin and/or legal issues.

Practical Advices

Organization of events,

Shipping of various type of goods (flowers, gifts, etc...),

Concierge Services (arranging tours, making hotel and restaurant reservations, etc...), ...

What do we offer High service quality

Receives Customer Calls 24/7

Multilingual Service

Cooperates With A Global Team Of Renown Professionals

Offer Medical Assistance 24/7

An International Assistance, Worldwide!